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Virtual Recruiter 

ZERO hiring fees, your own USA recruiter for the hours you need, better talent provided!

Talent is VITAL to an organization, paying outrageous amounts is not!

A solution that provides you with top talent, candidate pipeline, and ability to fill any job opening. All with no hiring fees. All candidates are yours. We enable your team to talk with qualified people, quickly, and at a tremendous savings over traditional models. This is the modern way to recruit! It is Recruiting as a Service (RaaS)


Have key openings, but need to conserve capital?

Saving capital in these crazy times is vital, but so is employing the very best people possible. We provide amazing savings with a flat, hourly rate, while providing a better pool of candidates



Don't start your own staffing firm!

We are experts in the art and science of recruiting with 20+ years of experience. We will provide your own dedicated recruiter who understands your culture and needs. Our recruiters have at their disposal, premier recruiting tools, sourcing assistance and established work expectations.


How do you do it?

 Just schedule a call with us and we do the rest. We will assign a virtual onsite Sr. Recruiter who has access to premier recruiting tools, a proprietary database and job postings on top sites.  This recruiter will learn your culture and represent your firm as you like. 



Bring in Pop-Up Talent! We charge a low, flat hourly fee, or a set monthly charge.

​What you get with that flat hourly rate:

  • Dedicated virtual recruiter

  • premier Industry recruiting tools

  • Proprietary candidate pool 

  • Detailed reporting analytics

  • No 1099 risk (true C2C relationship)

  • Flex to ramp up or down as needed

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Manager of Recruiting

“Pop-Up Talent provided us with a steady stream of well vetted candidates. We were able to fill many open positions, quickly and at a tremendous savings.”

Who We Serve

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